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Pilgrims Creations is an attempt, however small, to realize a dream drawn, from the experience and concerns of life that relate to the condition of society and the changes of time.

It is simply a seed blossoming in the heart, which look forward to a healthy pollution free society. It has given birth to a hope for peace with a hidden desire to spread love and a collective awareness amongst all. It has an innate wish to become a tree bearing the fruits of happiness and satisfaction in a peace filled environment. It is a wish to contribute towards the creation of a healthy, happy and prosperous society in the future.

Our objective is to make a contribution to the work for the betterment of society and humanity at large. We want to do this using all forms of creation and art as well as the medium of short films, documentaries and feature films. We look to all scholars, thinkers, intellectuals, artists and all those who wish to contribute to these ideals to come forwards and share their thought and ideas to inspire and encourage us to go on to greater things.

Our Team

  • Ajay Mishra
    Ajay Mishra
  • Sanatani Ramanand
    Sanatani Ramanand
  • Akash Jaiswal
    Akash Jaiswal